Rachel Kass My sister and I received a fantastic tour around Shaare Zedek Hospital earlier this year. It was incredibly special to see how every patient and their family is treated as if they are part of the Hospital’s own family. The Children’s Hospital sets a new standard for paediatric medicine where every child receives tailor-made treatment and care.

In particular we learnt about Shaare Zedek’s Paediatric Dialysis Unit, where Arab children and Israeli children receive treatment 3-6 times a week, for numerous hours a day, often for several years. The Hospital becomes a second home for the children. It is a place which inspires close friendships to develop between Arab children and Israeli children, something that unfortunately would be near impossible outside of Shaare Zedek.

As I prepare for my new life in Israel, this model of coexistence gives me hope for Israel’s future. It symbolises just how much there is that unites us as humans, than that which divides us.

This rare runner (if I can even call myself that) will be taking part in the Maccabi Fun Run on 23rd June and raising money for Shaare Zedek's Children's Hospital.

To ensure that loving-kindness continues to run through the Hospital’s veins, please donate to this special charity! Rachel Kass