Leigh Arden - October Challenge

Leigh Arden

Any place that improves health, saves lives and contributes to the well-being of a community is worthwhile supporting and would like to help support the dedicated people who are responsible for maintaining and growing such a valued institution.

Expunging the demons through riding for Shaare Zedek

Leslie Boobis

Riding for Shaare Zedek has helped me to expunge the demons following a serious cycling accident in November 2015

Eliana, Ross & Elkie Fun Run

Simi Ben-Hur

I'm 18 months old so its time to start fundraising!

Larry Weiss riding in the 2018 Pru100 for Shaare Zedek

Larry Weiss

Shaare Zedek saved the life of a very dear friend of ours and has saved lives of countless other people. Cycling through London and Surrey to raise money for this great institution will enable Shaare Zedek to save many more lives and bring many more lives into this world. So open your wallets to give me the encouragement to make it up Box Hill, Leith Hill, Wimbledon Hill and all the other "undulations".